What is CSB?

 Customer service in the food service industry in our community is at an all time low. The lack of basic skills and the lost art of human interaction is driving customers away and forcing the already turbulent work force to overlook gross negligence in dealing with the public. Local restaurants are losing money and almost more importantly, tarnishing their name and reputation due to the new culture of terrible service. CSB provides customizable training and resources to empower employees with the customer service basics. We will teach your employees how to foster a culture of service excellence, while incorporating a new standard for your business. Customer Service in Odessa



Customer Service Basics offers a wide range of hands on learning techniquies to insure the highest quality of customer service. CSB will tailor each plan to your specific business. Offering expertise in customer service relations, management skills, dealing with difficult customers, customer service in a high volume/short staff situation, employee retention and much more! Call or email us today! I will come direct to you, listen to what you are needing, and offer a competitive quote to help get your customer service back on track. 


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